Featured Players Playstation Network Names

HotCupOfBeast Bookee22 CG-Goat Pheonx22
Hoss-Bossington Milk-tit Wiseninja420 Spudooli
MadChicken Recons_Rogue Awesome-Amy Jaegar420
Zadeca Corruptor xilynx Azurikt
Whiterabbitnyc Thaegokilla Bobdoh Semo333


Tons have changed since the release of this title now The Gun Circus has Official servers. That we lease and run for this title. These servers are up and running 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

BF3 Stats

BF3 Stats

BF3 Stats

BF3 Stats

The Gun Circus Platoon page on Battlefield can be found here

Platoon Page

However all players must start their journey at The Gun Carnival which you can find here

The Gun Carnival Platoon Page

Remember to favorite any Official TGC server! We will be hosting tournaments soon and ladders!